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Anyhow, my little corner of the world remains mostly unchanged and the wheels of our capitolistic democracy continue to grind away in that 'aww, shit, someone put sawdust in the crank case' sort of way, but cranking none the less.
I will thoughtfully postpone any light-hearted banter for the time being.


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What a bloody waste, eh? Sury aboot that. 'll Have to do a bit better, yah?

On another note I am finally able to enjoy my car...ahhh.... nice. For whatever reason it appears to have stopped leaking oil, the mileage is prooving better then I had expected, and now that the pain of buying new tires is done and over with I can move on. Damn if she ain't a peppy little sprinter.... I'm still soliciting names...

And one last note: I am planning the ongoing web-publication of my latest (oops.. only) novel(la?).. installments by chapter. Do stop by and scoff at it's phosphorescent incarnation.

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