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280 - ponies.
RWD - rear wheel drive.

Yes, that's what I thought.


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site counter.
site meter.
new colors.

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So I often find the internet doesn't offer the information I need... or at least not clearly, concisely, in a place I can find.

So.. I hiked Pleasant Mtn. in Bridgton, ME this weekend. What I couldn't find was directions to the mountain anywhere on the web. There was mention of the trail and what to expect, but no directions. So, if you happen to be looking for directions to Pleasant Mtn. (aka Shawnee Peak) then, well.. head up Rt. 302 from Portland, ME all the way to Bridgton, ME and the mountain is ~6 miles past Bridgton on your left right after you go over a causeway. Bingo. See? That's all I wanted.


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You know how every once in awhile you get a random phone call or an email..or maybe the door bell rings and low and behold it's your childhood buddy? Your grade school crush? Your college nemesis?... and you sit outside on the steps with some beers and catch up and wonder where the time went and gee, you're looking really good...

Yah.. that never happens to me.


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So this is my latest idea:


In print.

but not so much blogs as columns. and only columns.

My example of this is GQ's StyleGuy. He answers reader's fashion questions every week in a short two-page run and it's one thing I like about GQ. But I wouldn't purchase the magazine just for this Guy. But.. Maybe.. Just maybe.. I'd purchase *just* the StyleGuy for a a nickel? A dime.. who knows. But I'd want it in print, to be sure.

What happens when you take the failed business model of content-driven subscription websites (read: Salon) and turn it into a print model? Can we learn something about the way we think and react to various mediums, about our need for material goodness in our hands? The slippery paper sliding through our fingers, the flop of the pages as they slide off the couch and our eyes flutter shut in restful sleep? Tell me - because I think it's not the worst idea in the world.

Proposal: Webloggers, Columnists, Journalists alike: Unite, Syndicate like the community you are. Offer content by number; make-your-own-mag; parameterize your headlines. Customized shades and colors of the world at your doorstep, not your desktop. Slippery pages, not slippery keys, in your hand.

Possible? Probably not. Cool? Possibly so.

..I'd even take the print ads too, yah know..

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So who is gonna tell me how to get archives going, anyway? hmmm??


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I went to a chinese funeral and afterwards there was reception at a chinese restaurant.
At the chinese restaurant there was a chicken head on my plate. so i picked at it.
I pried open the chicken's mouth with my chopsticks.
Then someone told me it was good luck so I stopped.
Then I felt bad that I mangled up the chicken head.
I didn't eat it.
I was going to though, before I knew it was good luck


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The Nissan 350Z is 280 horses of NA Rear Wheel Drive goodness.. MMMMmm MM, Delicious!

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I'm going to just completely rip this off cause I think it's pretty damn funny: Mediocre Advice - 25 cents. I got it off Holy Crap! so go there and enjoy so I'm not such a mooch.


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FDA Approves new 'Wellness' drug

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday that it has approved a new drug Pride. The drug, dubbed a 'Wellness' drug, has been in the works for some time and has finally found it's way into pill form. It works as a conceit-repressor and can even help with anger management. Studies have shown it can even reduce unnecessary asshole dilation - a common cause of a condition called 'Bastarditis' that millions suffer from every year - by as much as 45% in test cases. "Pride is proving difficult to swallow in drug trials," says a research who wished to remain nameless, "But we're working very hard to come up with a better way to intake the drug." Various suggestions have included a patch and a chest-rub but it remains most effective when ingested orally. "Putting it on your chest as a rub is alright. You can see it and you know it's there, so it acts as a sort of placebo." But progress is slow, "You really need to swallow it for it to be of any benefit right now. Although some people have been successful taking it right up the ass." No plans for a pride suppository are currently in the works.

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I'm number 115.
I was 9721943 once.

and once, when I tried really hard...
i was # 1

What numbers have you been?

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cup o' joe
you creep me so

you make me feel
my head go spinnin'
my spine go twitchy
my stomach reel

third cup today
at five thirty four
thought: i need more
what can I say

big mistake
i might puke

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Poking is an exceptionally wonderful passtime. Think about it. Is there anything so simple yet so clearly rude, obnoxious, offensive and wrong?

Don't like your food? Poke at it.

Not sure what that stuff in the corner is, between the bathtub and the toilet? Poke at it.

Wanna stop billy from pickin' his nose? Poke him.

And the most aggressive.. need to get the point across to some dudeguy in sandles who the boss is around here? give him a good multi-finger poke right in the chestable area. He'll get the picture.

or you'll be eating through a straw. either way, poking got it done!


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I feel like I might be behind on this one a bit but..
What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than by downloading the new (and free!) first person shooter developed "under the watchful eye of the US Army".. Go forth kiddies! Shoot and be heros. Become part of America's Army!


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First the fruit... Then the donuts stopped. Now there is a scale in the kitchen. What is this company trying to say to me? But more importantly: why does the scale have 100 and 200 highlighted? It's as if the scale thinks we should all be well rounded people. Well rounded to the nearest hundred, apparently.


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Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike annually than all the Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined... Proving once again that the world has reached a true power balance. I was going to go on to make some sarcastic and biting commentary on today's society but I just don't have the words... It speaks for itself.

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What's with anime, anyway? Why can I never tell if a character is a girl or a boy? Why do all the voices sound like they were dubbed by my 6 year old cousin Carrie? Is there a cultural thing I'm missing here? *NO* offense intended. I'm curious.

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