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Pollen is pretty
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Pollen is really pretty when you look at it up close and personal


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While I don't have much need for Excel most of the times, it's nice to see they have added support for sparklines.

Too bad they are trying to patent use of sparklines in spreadsheets, though, as it's a no-brainer and something the inventor of sparklines, Edward Tufte, suggested many years before. At least he just wants his ideas to be free.


'C' is for Corruption.
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Transparency International has a great interactive map of perceived political corruption based on their annual Corruption Perceptions Index.

Unsurprisingly, the Scandinavian countries score at the top, along with Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Australia. NZ appears to be the least corrupt of all.

Also unsurprising is the clump of intense corruption you see in the Iraq-Iran-Afghan corridor and middle-Africa.


Ocean @ Geno's, Friday the 13th
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askin' a lot out of a big crop on this last one, but I liked it


Def Leppard, Clash of the Titans @ Empire, 11/10/2009
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Seriously, find a copy of Hysteria and listen to it start to finish- its amazing. Possibly the greatest piece of art produced by Western Civilization.
It certainly has the highest production value.... 


Someone once told me they liked me because I had "texture".
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How many groups, agencies, and institutes (both public and private) does it take to diagnose H1N1 in a house cat? Apparently, many:
The 13-year-old indoor cat in Iowa was brought to the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, where it tested positive for the H1N1 virus. The diagnosis is the culmination of collaborative efforts between IDPH, Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Center for Advanced Host Defenses, Immunobiotics and Translational Comparative Medicine, USDA, and IDALS Animal Industry Bureau.
Well, I'm glad that's settled then.

“Two of the three members of the family that owns the pet had suffered from influenza-like illness before the cat became ill,” said IDPH Public Health Veterinarian, Dr. Ann Garvey. “This is not completely unexpected, as other strains of influenza have been found in cats in the past.”

Ahh, pet insurance here we come. Now that they've figured out how to infect your pets with the same cold that you get, bingo. Peticare and Peticaid.

No worries, though,
Both the cat and its owners have recovered from their illnesses.

Also of note, H1N1 confirmed in commercial swine herd in Indiana.

Clash of the Titans: Portishead vs. Velvet Underground
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Oh, Henry.. always under the foot.
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