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PBR or Schlitz?

Johnny Walker or Knob Creek?

Lucky's or Camel Reds?

Wood tip or Outlaw Swishers?

Freud: "Crazy Coot" or "I think he's got something there.."

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Go look up New Hampshire on Yahoo Maps and both Ottawa and Quebec City are labelled but no Montreal?! What's this world coming to?


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die, hippy, die

My friend hates vegetables. He has hated them his whole life. This extends into the fruit realm as well, to an extent. I have never seen him eat a single veggie.

When he was little he ate Tater Tots. His parents told them they were made of fish. He believed them.

He feels awfully betrayed now.

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So should I go buy a bagel or wendy's with my winnings?

I'm thinking bagel..mmmmmm.. toasted with butter but i'm wondering at it's appetite-killing potential. I'm not sure it can cut it. Plus, as wretched as fast food is I am convinced it has completely crushed all other forms of order-to-go food out there when it comes to sheer volume-to-money ratio.. Especially with this 99cent menu craze.. fast food is damn cheap and .. well.. it tastes good enough, considering... even if it does make you feel like a deep fat fried strudel covered in grease by the time you're done.


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I would list my winning football pool picks for this last week here.. but it would be just as easy if you looked up all the teams that won.. cause that's right, I picked every single game correctly. woohoo. $80. weee.


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What is it about people that make them think as the sperm? Maybe
it's a 'guy' thing but we're just as much egg as we are sperm.. The
sperm that fertilized the egg that became you was no more "you" than
the egg was. Have you ever noticed eggs are rarely metaphorized as
people while sperm almost *always* are? Strange. Odd. Weird.


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I am back.
my knees hurt.
that is all.

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