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Just in passing (shnuck shnuck shnuck) I thought I'd mention In Passing... if you haven't already been there or I haven't already posted it. Damn good waste of time.

And on another note I'm getting really pissed off that my computer is still not put together since I am desperate for some creative release in various digital formats.

off to Montreal this weekend. Beer - WooHoo!


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I n f o r m a t i o n S o c i e t y ' s
Greatest Hits

Pretty rockin, for sort of 80's rip off pseudo-joseph-and-his-coat sort of musical rock mixed with a little techno pulse. Man I need to be an artist. This status quo crap sucks.

The truck was just out of gas.


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Damn if this isn't a cool pic, hm?

Anyhow, roommate #3 has moved out and after a week of interviews we settled on a new gal. Just as we'd finished calling all the respective live-ins to let them know we filled the place we find out that the new gal can't afford the place and isn't coming afterall. Back to the drawing board on that one. My truck wouldn't start at lunch today. I had to call Mark and borrow his car... on the day I was heading to the DMV to register my new car, coincidence?? Anyhow, let's hope it's just out of gas; which would serve me just fine for driving everywhere on 'E'.

Oh my, aren't Mondays grand?


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The sky is blue
and so am I.
This job is boring;
I wanna die.

What have I done
to deserve this?
My social life,
oh god, I miss.

Did you know
my life's worthless?
Oh how'd I get
in this awful mess?

Even my poetry
is horribly bad!
I'm going to stop now,
I'm far too sad.


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There is a particularly appropriate Life is Hell strip I saw the other day.. It was part of the Work is Hell 12 issue series:
"The Face of Work" it's called and it has arrows pointing out the various features of the face like 'suppressed rage', 'bags under eyes', 'bad breath', 'slouch', 'butthole itch', and 'scalded tongue'... I couldn't stop laughing it was so seemingly stolen from my very existence. Ah Matt Groening.


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Oh my... it's been awhile, eh? Well I finally *did* get a car. I paid too much, probably. There are many things wrong with it, probably. It's older with lots of miles on it which is a definite indicator that it will fall apart next week, probably. My friend asked me why I'm so pessimistic and I couldn't really tell him why. I do it with women, too. On the other hand the car rocks for the time being, despite it's many fading sunspots... It's red though and I'm bound to get a speeding ticket or two or three or.. ugh.. there I go being pessimistic again. Anyone have a good idea for a name for my new toy? Probably a girls name for this one I imagine. Also, what about a name for my new 'puter: a AMD Athlon 1.2g 266FSB, 256mb, 30g and 7g HDs, 16x CDRW, 6x DVD. Suggestions? email me.


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Update on work: I hate it. Okay, more appropriately I "dislike" it. Things are becoming preprogrammed and easy. I am Zombie, watch me code. I've cut back on the coffee and have even started wearing suspenders - which give me a much more "commanding" feel when strutting around the office.

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The Ale House charges cover on weekends (or at least fridays) we discovered, much to our general unhappiness. $3 no less, what the hell do they think this is? Needless to say it was *not* worth it. The strangest part is that on Friday there were all of two "girls" in the place, although perhaps many females, yet on Monday there were uncountable cuties. Maybe it's just not a weekend place, I guess. Can't be sure.

On Mondays I go down there in my camo and drink pbr for $1.50 a pint. The bartender is a ridiculus cutie, although only seen on Mondays to date so I give her a dollar tip per. I think this is overly generous, but I have been noticing a general trend towards buying beer for girls/tipping cute bartenders in lieu of actually making intelligent and/or thoughtful conversation. This general trend seems to apply to older men wearing mostly short "jimmy buffet-esque" shorts and flip flops who are attempting to pick up women (er.. girls) less then half their age. The bartender is single. No, I didn't ask but our friend Deborah asked.

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Still no car. It would appear I am stuck with the Honda wagon although my parents are taking their time in purchasing a new vehicle so I am still driving the truck. Ahh the truck. I have so much love for it yet I fear it is on it's last legs. Like a good friend who was fetched many sticks, chased many rabbits, I feel it may be time to send her to a better place where all the gas is super-unleaded, oil changes come once every 2,000 miles, and 4x4s really do play polo on the white cliffs of Dover.


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Yeah.. they charged me. But they did make one mistake: they had a 1-800 number on their credit charge so I dialed them right up and told 'em what I thought of them. Funny, they never mentioned anything about me not being able to cancel... which they certainly told me about in the original phone call. Bloody bottom feeders. I just feel bad for the poor saps who can't say no to this crap. I got sucked in but at least I was able to crawl out unscathed. Well.. That is if they actually refund me in "3 to 5 business days" like they promised.


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So it's friday which means I should expect to find the weekly offering of donuts and bagels from the company in the kitchen... but do I? No, I find only a plate of donuts - no bagels or cream cheese to speak of. And as long as I'm on it, who gets pizza today? The programmers? No, course not, it's the tech support people who are treated... for whatever reason. Nevermind that we got pizza last week, what about this week?? We get nothing!

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Acarreando, como -dah sirva una vez me dijo el " juego de Gotta su mano. A veces su ain't de las tarjetas digno de una moneda de diez centavos si usted el lay'em no traga." A veces todo el shinin de la luz ' en mí; Otras veces puedo ver descubierto. Ocurre últimamente a mí cuáles se es un viaje largo, extraño él.

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What is it about silly and their silliness? I don't know either. So today it is terribly hot (again) and the only solice is the fact that it's friday which means I will be able to.. umm.. oh yah, there isn't really anything so great about friday. It's all residual from saturday. friday's a leech.


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Remember that whole bit about it taking 3 years to program the moses-splitting-the-sea scene in that animated flick.. you know.. um.. oh hell I can't remember. The point is it took 3 years and I swear to you that had they just spent 10 minutes pouring milk into a cup of coffee they would have come up with a better result. That's all I have to say.


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my day was going alright or at least not horribly, i mean i am at work and all so one must keep this in mind, but then i went home feeling particularly creative and frustrated at my inability to produce anything and what should happen? i suffered an attack, in the form of a phone call, by coporate america. they tried to sell me magazines. when i told them i'd have one they were shocked and chagrined that i didn't want more. i can only read so many magazines and to this they replied with a lengthy discourse on the purpose of magazines. apparently they are for 'picking and choosing' articles that i wish to read. i need not read the entire publication they have informed me. i can waste my money on product i know i will not use ahead of time.. this is apparently quite legal and noone will come bashing my door down, my neighbors will not put their garbage on my lawn, the audience will not throw rotten fruit. well thank you but no thank you. they promptly bent me over and began to pile as much crap into my rear end as they could as if i were a coal furnace ever hungry for the black death. 4 subscriptions and 53 trial offers later I just hung up. I had wasted 20 minutes of my precious hour of lunch and it left me drained. i went promptly to bed where i had a bad dream, or i thought i had a bad dream which could have actually been my real world experience only i couldn't quite remember it and i felt terrible. i have only now been able to overcome my queaziness. they're probably going to charge me anyway.

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i'm sick of being inundated with images of cute/hot/beautiful/sexy women/girls everywhere I go ~ why do advertisers think they can tempt me into buying a webcam or a spycam or a wireless phone or a poptart simply because they have some chick sitting next to the product ~ why ~ because they can and i will ~ well not me cause I'm a cheap bastard but the collective me: the we ~ please stop doing that.

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Well, welcome to a new day.
Thus begins the reign of terror.
Great. Wonderful.

I'm in a particular pissy mood today because of my own inability to do anything when I say I'm going to. I've been meaning to purchase a computer case for weeks now and I have yet to get around to it. This mainly means that I have a bunch of silicon and metal that is of no immediate use to me instead of an actual computer. This means our software development is stalling, my digital photography collection is stagnating, and my complete lack of music creation is draining me. Do you have a computer case? Send it to me. Actually, I did get one.. I just haven't paid for it yet.

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