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And yet another search engine enters the fray.. Kartoo is a new search engine that appears to have been around since late April. It sets itself apart from the pack by displaying search results in a sort of graphical web with unique results connected by specific keywords. It seems to return fairly relevant results although I have yet to figure out the best way to utilize it's unique features.


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Only in Maine, some would say, could such a fasion statement be made. Good for them I guess.. They win the Green Red Fashion award this week.


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who could imagine something so banal as beans and brown bread would give birth to such spicy-exitness?


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More on ooooozing:

since I worked like a 'bent mad scientist all week (relatively speaking) at work I oozed all day Sunday. It was wonderful.. sleep until mid-day and then right smack in the front of the TV for 8 straight hours. Drizzly rain outside so no feelings of guilt or remorse. Wonderful, I tell yah, just wonderful.

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Well I'm so happy I have no comments, since I am too lazy to check 'em anyway.

So I'm thinking I might have one of the better jobs in the world. I should stop complaining.
* I can drink on the job, sometimes get drinks for free.
* I come in whenever I feel like it.
* I surf the web like a giant santa cruz spiderman.
* I eat free cereal, drink free coffee, and enjoy free baseball tickets

so why am I still complaining? Some say money ain't everything but it is _some_ of it. Lack of responsibility, as well, only goes so far. One's ability to ooze, as I call it, is very important in life. If you can't ooze then you can't do nothing all day. You can't sit in front of the tv and veg out. And that is no way to go about life, not oozing.. BUT.. when it comes to a job.. it shouldn't allow you to ooze too much or it will make off the job oozing that much less enjoyable. (Plus, on the job oozing is more fun when it's illicit).


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Wonderful weather... Just wonderful.

Today, A brief shower in the morning, considerable cloudiness, a stiff breeze and cool. High 54

Tonight, Cold with a few clouds; breezy in the evening. Low 38

Thursday, Lots of clouds; it could shower briefly in the afternoon. High 60

Friday, Considerable cloudiness early in the day; intervals of clouds and sunshine later in the day. High 68

Saturday, Cloudy; breezy in the morning, then a shower possible in the afternoon. High 60

Sunday, It may shower with considerable cloudiness. High 61

Monday, A shower in a few spots with plenty of clouds. High 63

Tuesday, A good deal of cloudiness with nothing more than a shower


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You'd think I'd have something to say this time around.. but I don't. Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

O.K. Now that I got that out of the way.
It was a dark and stormy night. Not the kind of night that keeps you indoors but the kind that draws you into it's bleak darkness cause, well, cause it's just so unusual and rare. I was sitting in my car with the radio tuned to public radio, listening to mozart. Steam was rising off the engine like fog off a lake and the drizzle oozed down my windshield at a snails pace. The water made blurry ripples down the glass - the sort of visuals you expect from shrooms - that obscured the dark alley outside. It was 10:16 and I was getting antsy. I'd been waiting there for about a quarter hour for the grocer to shut the lights off, lock the door, and leave the building through the back. Previous research told me this usually occured by 10:10 but tonight he was still in there, fiddling away with the cash drawer and talking on the phone; probably a distant relative. I could see the left half of his body through the display window, swaying back and forth as he spoke with his hands, drawing large scenes in the air for the listener on the other end of the line. This wasn't right. I looked back through the rear window, through the bars of condensation, but nobody was there. I tapped the shift to the music and started counting the money. I should have known right then to get the hell out. Never count the money before it's in your hands.


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Well if you haven't checked this out by now, I'm not sure why. Blind Date Blog.. the brainchild of a gay asian in california. It's 10 guys, 10 girls, all posting away to be the final two that go on an all-paid blind-date romp. Granted it won't be too blind since they'll have all been yelling at eachother non-stop for the last 6 weeks, but whose counting? It's childish, sarcastic, petty, and did I mention childish? But that's what makes it oh so fun. Best two in the game are the aging 38 year old yupster Todd who is a lost little yuppy puppy trying to make sense of it all and the elder Sandra, a 34 year old post-punk unemployed type who does amazingly well with the younger crowd. By far my favorite aspect is the interaction between the ages. I'd be even more interested in a BDB2 - the pictureless BDB! It might be hard to keep everyone from finding some visuals on eachother but it seems it would be more true to the date genre. Maybe have a good friend of each contestant write a "visual".. as if the friend is trying to set them up. Heck.. as long as we're on it, why not have the entire blog be made up of the best friends trying to get their friend a date? Wouldn't that be closer to reality? Or even better: A passworded blog for the females to talk with the male's friends and another for the males to talk to the female's friends.. and yet a third for the friend's to talk amongst themselves. Heh. that's a lot of work.

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