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1) Julian
2) Nepal
3) 7
4) 1970
5) Connors

And those I did not get:
1) Billy Smith
2) 1986
3) Depeche Mode
4) Craftsman
5) Ferdinand De-lesseps

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Oi. it's been a few, eh?

So, some key questions from trivia night:
1) We've used the Gregorian calendar since 1700something.. what did we use before?
2) What country contains 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world?
3) Rome was built on how many hills?
4) What year was hamburger helper introduced?
5) Who holds the most men's singles tennis titles at 109?

And a few I did not get:
1) What NY Islanders goalie was the first NHL goalie to score a goal?
2) What year did Jack win his last golf championship?
3) What 1980's band's name means "new fashion" or "fast fashion"?
4) What two manufacturing companies sponsor the Nascar truck series?
5) What French Engineer built the Suez Canal?

answers at 11...


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Well this little story is certainly a hoot. It's the chronicles of a man who tried to deposit a fake check. It's long but very interesting and only serves to make me hate the corporates even more, but what can you do?


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Oranges. More oranges than you could ever consume in a whole week, in fact. That's what I found in the kitchen today. Bowls of oranges.. big ones. Boxes of oranges all over the floor. A fridge *full* of oranges. Rough skinned hard ones, too, with amazingly easy peelability. Probably at least a couple hundred oranges.. with an equal number of conspiring apples. And not those mushy-grained red delicious either. None of those genetically-modified vanity apples.. These ones are the good ones with green and red splotchy goodness. Taste over looks. Substance over skin. Flesh over face. Nothing makes a day better than an orange that is happily peeled.


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mister, would you please help my pony?

So last night was an experiment in sociology, for sure. It started with an innocent trip to my neighbour's to fix his computer. It being thursday they were having some beers and playing beer pong on a large plywood-and-sawhorse contraption in the kitchen. And, weak will that I have, I was soon throwin back a brew or two myself. A few girls from the local college were there as well, discussing dorm life and bad RA's and the like. These were true Maine gals, too, evidenced by the fact that they referred to each other by their last names as if they were a bunch of guys in a locker room. 'Baker! I'm drunk..' The interesting part was when we were sitting around playing some guitar and watching MTV's spring break rage on tv... I caught Baker starring at the tv in what could only be described as utter disgust as bikini clad spring breakers shaked their booty all over the screen. You could tell she was not impressed yet she wanted to be there too. She wanted to be that bikini girl giving away her self respect for a beer and a cheer from the crowd. The instant gratification of peer acceptance danced in front of her, flickering on the screen, and she narrowed her eyes to slits, glaring through her mascara. It's funny how much someone can have so much self loathing and almost not even know it.


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As if I don't drink enough those innovative japanese have come up with the smart glass which orders it's own refills. Do I really need this in my life? Does my refrigerator really need to have a relationship with my hamburger? Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

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