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I'm really glad someone is doing some quality research to uncover a topic that needs a closer look. This is clearly a violation of my civil, nay, human rights! I demand that the U.S. Military take these cancer-causing signs down in a prompt and immediate manner before they mame any more helpless beef cattle.



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so in GQ's "50 reasons to get off your butt and go on Vacation"...

#45 : In a word - MAINE



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It's arctic oids you want? I found some here: 
Wouldn't it be cool if Polaroids were actually Polar Oids? Like, some artic oids placed under pieces of plastic and chemicals to be exposed to light and dark and die and bleach and generally ink all over the place and I meant to say die. Oids would be a great species. People would either not like them or not appreciate them for their full worth or even not even really know they exist but some dude in Belgium would know. He'd know and he'd experiment in the early 1900's and show how they die in light and death dyes them and, gee isn't that a swell idea. He'd take pictures of his dog that look like Dame Edna all splotchy black and white because Oids are black and white of course but then a nice Japanese fella would think, "hey let's feed 'em stuff", except maybe he'd be thinking it in japanese, with bright neon lights and washed out water colors, and he'd think that's such a swell idea that it was worth it for color photos. And it would be patented and we'd be making money off the artistic needs of others but that's great - that's okay - all in the name of the capitolist machine so that the poor Belgian bloke was broke and spoke of the end of the world and the marxist regime because hell, he doesn't get it. He's confused and angry and it's not his fault he can't read. But he did come up with the Polaroid, so you got to give him a little credit, don't you?


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Now if this isn't the coolest thing than it might be the scariest: 'Thinking' robot runs away. This small little bugger managed to escape out of a research lab all by it's lonesome even though scientists presumed it did not have the physical ability to make it out the doors and down a sloping walkway... And like many pets who wander from their home, he almost got crushed by a car. So sad, really, since he was so naive in the way of traffic, it was like a confused little puppy. I guess no one bothered to teach him how to look both ways before you cross the street.


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The end is nigh, The apocalypse is now! Fear for your lives and pray that the mighty gods may save us and spare our kin...

heh.. loonies. Armageddon Online - In 2003 Planet X could pass close to Earth, stopping its rotation... yah, and the Red Sox are gonna win the world series this year too.


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Note to self -

When hard boiling eggs in microwave, don't. It makes a nasty mess, can cause heart attacks, and microwaves suck butt anyway. Microwaves are the epitome of all that is wrong with the world and technology today. Microwaves increase efficieny, speed cooking time, and generally make food taste like plastic. Are you keeping up here? The world is goddamn efficient enough. We don't need no stinkin microwaves. If I wanted plastic food I'd visit my 3 year old cousin. If I wanted efficieny I'd have a hybrid. I don't. And you know... Johnny Knoxville and Vince Vaughn really do look a lot alike

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evil spammers be gone!

A pOx on you AND your families.


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Now this is good. The Onion is taken seriously for the very first time.. by the chinese! OOOoooops. This is damn funny, man. Damn funny.

Oh, and btw, I'm coffee free now for 12 days!


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Wowsers.. a 5km suspension bridge from the Italian mainland to Sicily? That's kind of egregio.. uh.. neat?

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