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Note to self: Power-player's super disc golf tournament.


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The new billionaires:
The 2011 Billionaires List breaks two records: total number of listees (1,210) and combined wealth ($4.5 trillion)


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exactly. and that's why it's still worth it having a boat despite all the hardships. What mail address do you use nowadays? can't reach you at the usual yahoo stuff. 
I've been drooling over Boston Whalers lately - well, ever since I first launched my boat in South Freeport at Strout's Point, where they had a Whaler tender - probably the 9 foot model that, apparently, isn't made anymore (according to the website anyway).

That was 2007 so this love for Whalers isn't exactly new, but now that I've finally sold my boat (phew) I have been trolling craigslist. What can I say? I'm glutton for punishment.

So I saw a few older ones and they are beauties, low and sleek in the water, but I'm fooling myself. City folk like me don't have room to store a boat/trailer. It's one of the sacrifices of living downtown.

Nevertheless, "downtown" is right on the ocean, so I can't help but get the itch. Over. And. Over. Again. Strange for a boy from the backwoods and I'm not able to explain it.

It just is.

Girl Walk // All Day
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I usually don't post feel-good stuff like this, but this just gives me the warm and fuzzies: Girl Walk // All Day (Vimeo). Maybe it's just the music but I have a feeling there is something contagious in the girl's eyes, too. Heck, it might even be something as simple as youthful exuberance, something I seem to have traded away during my slow death march. I know that sounds glum but it's actually quite appropriate: life is but a march to death. We all wish it could be a penguin march or something fun like that, but, no..

Girl Walk // All Day is raising money on to make a full-length film.


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It's a new day, a new year, a new age.. but everything is new every day, I suppose, it just depends on where you make your measurements.

It's still another day, though, still just another dollar; a street hustle if you aren't one of the chosen few, the elite class of assholes separated out from the rest of the pig pen by tinted walls of silence and opulent shades of haute couture.

Eww, obsession. Is ADHD anything other than obsession of everything? When does the rain stop, where do the pigeons go -- how many real housewives does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

whoop whoop, turbo-easy-convectwave. pew pew. ov'r'n'out, good buddy.

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I really need to find the go-go-gadget Up-N-Outta-Hereā„¢ soon, so I know where to send the ashes when they fall softly from the sky.

radioactive what?


My Wife Knows Everything yet The Wife Doesn't Know
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One of these isn't like the others.
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black, white, color, fight!
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I couldn't decide.. color, or no color?

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