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A favourite little project of mine, the government's Do-Not-Call list, is apparently "working":
Two years after the National Do Not Call Registry took effect... Regulators say the system is working, but a recent random survey (by telephone) by the Customer Care Alliance, a Virginia-based consortium of three customer-relations consultants, found that 51% of registered consumers say they're still getting calls they think the list is supposed to block.

Yet to date, there have been remarkably few fines issued by federal regulators. Despite one million reports of violations, the FTC has filed only 14 lawsuits and levied only four fines. The Federal Communications Commission, which jointly administers the program with the FTC, has issued warnings but only two fines, one to AT&T Corp., the company with the contract for administering the program.
That makes 6 fines in total.. out of one million violation reports. I know the public isn't the most reliable group, but 6 out of 1,000,000? I guess Bush would spin it something like this: this system is working about as good as FEMA: Great!

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