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It's true they're making this big to-do about snapping a photo of a giant squid for the first time in it's true habitat (i.e. not caught in a net, dead). But big fucking deal, so it's not a dormant type creature.. so it snaps and spins about and launches at it's prey like a snake. Are we fucking surprised? I'm not surprised. Not one fucking licking bit. Every other squid I've ever seen is pretty damn snappy when it wants to be, PLUS I saw 20,000 leagues under the sea when I was a kid, and me and Capt'n Nemo say: Them squid be quick like. DO I need a fucking PhD in squidology to predict this sort of shit?! Um. No, I didn't. It really makes me wonder what the hell these fuckers are smoking, quite frankly. It must be the happy drug where life is "what you make it" and just cause thinking of giant squid deep down in the dark ocean as being slow and dangling makes them feel good well, then, that's the way it is. FUCK that.

Personally, I saw some show on Discovery very recently about squid of a different sort (but squid nonetheless) where these researchers swam with the damn things, and interacted, and showed them feeding, and it was a heck of a lot more interesting than this stupid article... plus, it wasn't even a great picture.

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