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News to nobody: Corporations are powerful because they have money, and lots of it.

(@ Slashdot) President of eDonkey (the file sharing software) testified at the Judiciary committee's hearing 'Protecting Copyright and Innovation in a Post-Grokster World' that he was throwing in the towel because, despite being in the legal right, they just don't have the cash for a legal fight:
Whereas I could have managed to pay for a summary judgment hearing under Betamax, I simply couldn't afford the protracted litigation needed to prove my case in court
And another one bites the dust.

Also (@ Slashdot): a $100 laptop? Nifty:
MIT is showing off a prototype of a $100 laptop. It uses a 500MHz AMD processor, stores everything on flash memory, and runs Linux. The AC adapter acts as the carrying strap, and there is a hand crank so if you can't find a source of electricity you can charge it kinetically.
Target? Kids in developing nations.

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