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Okay, two quick things. Firstly, if you haven't ever tried Firefox you should give it a whirl just for shits and giggles. Well, one giggle in particular; the find feature. Cntrl-F in Firefox reveals a vastly superior text search tool than you'll find in either of IE and Safari. Just my two cents. I forget how Opera handles it since it's been forever since I've used it (though it's fully free with no ads now!).

Secondly, I finally got bit by an internet scam.. well, I think I did. I got a paypal message that said I needed to update my credit card info as it had expired. This was all well and true, since I had to replace stolen cards this summer, so I didn't really think twice about this odd request. I followed the link from the email (of course, idiot!) and proceeded to fill in my new credit card info. UNFORTUNATELY, it was not until _after_ I hit the submit button that I realized the actual website I was at was a spoof of the paypal site, and I had just given some asshole in Pennsylvania my financial mumbojumbo. Luckily I'm not a complete asstart, I noticed the scam, and quickly cancelled my card and changed my passwords before anything unspeakable could happen. Few. But it's a good word to the wise; beware of following links within emails. Look at them carefully and make sure they're pointing to the correct sites. Be suspicious!

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