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From the Montreal Gazette:
Playboy magazine has just named Montreal´s answer to the Ivy League as one of the Top 10 Party Schools in North America. The only Canadian campus to make the grade, McGill shares chugalug laurels with such institutions of higher learning and advanced cheerleading as Florida State and the University of Georgia.
And of course the journalist is complaining, she's a grumpy old woman - and probably a feminist to boot. Okay, I jest. It's just that Playboy (you know, the magazine with great articles) seems to have actually had a really good measuring stick for this:
According to publicist Theresa Hennessy, Playboy´s Top 10 list was compiled with help from students who act as "volunteer interns who help market and spread the word about Playboy."

The students serve as "eyes and ears" about happening places and people. Key criteria are the campus party scene, proximity to a big city, a school´s male-female ratio and off-campus entertainment.
So having good off-campus entertainment, a good male-female ratio, and being in a big city is a bad thing? Cause I certainly don't think McGill got it's props for "on campus party scene", especially given the 18-yr old drinking age here in this province - nobody stays on campus to party. Gosh, at least we're doing it legit.

The journalist combines this "debacle" with McGill's recent football hazing scandal which, if you didn't know about, isn't really worth mentioning. It is a tiny moon next to the red giant that is the likes of Colorado, etc.

So say what you will about the reputation of this fine institution but I truly think their woes lie not in their sports hazing and boobilicious populous but in it's commitment to higher learning. If they were concentrating on such things then perhaps they wouldn't be so defensive about Playboy appreciating their scene.

Okay, sure, Playboy isn't in this for pure philanthropy. They solicited McGill coeds and alumni to pose for a piece in their magazine. Sure, they're trying to drum up some new prospects and some new business at the same time. Can you blame them?

The Student Society of McGill University's paper, the Tribune, at least had their own editorial take on things.. oh, wait, no they didn't. They sound exactly like the Gazette (read here).

I guess I'm biased.. Playboy is doing the photo shoot in my apartment as I type this.

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