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Playboy wrap-up:

There were roughly 7 or 8 girls photographed at our place from thursday through saturday. The last day they shot in our kitchen (stainless steel countertops) with two girls, whipped cream, and strawberries. It was past the point of being surreal so I basically did what I'd normally do on a Saturday: drank lots of tea, surfed the web, read research articles, and tried not to interrupt them too much. Granted, I drink lots of tea so I had to visit the kitchen every.. oh.. one or two minutes. Really, I jest. I mostly kept out of the way when the cameras were clicking.

They were all great people - from the photographer to the makeup girls. They were friendly, respectful of the fact that they were sharing their shoot space with our living space, and entertaining to talk with. They put everything back the way they found it. They shared with us their vodka, champagne, orange juice, snacks, and whipped cream and strawberries too. We shared our coffee and tea and it was a good symbiotic relationship for the few days they used our place.

For $500 a day, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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