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So someone feels like standing up against Google - Ebay bans all payment processors except PayPal (From GoogleRumors):
eBay has revised its policies to only allow one online payment service, PayPal. This comes after speculation that Google is preparing a payment service.
But what that article doesn't mention (probably because most people know) is that PayPal is owned by Ebay itself. So, no wonder they're a little miffed that Google might try to step on their toes. My favourite is the wording in their new policy:
“From time to time, as new payment services arise, eBay will evaluate them to determine whether they may present trust and safety concerns and are appropriate for the marketplace.”
Yah, right.. appropriate for their marketplace. I shop on ebay every once in awhile like most red-blooded capitalists and they do offer the best deals on certain types of products, but the more they do shit like this the more I turn to classified markets such as Craig's List.

On another note, when I get the time I'm going to sit down and do a rundown of all of Google's latest services just so we can see how fast this monolith is growing.

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