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Thank You to Everyone
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Okay, this post is a big thank you to everyone who comes by now and again to check on the ramblings of this small boy. August marked the fourth anniversary of this blog and this September marks the third straight rise in site hits per month. June was down around 500, July breached 550, August cracked 700, and September has come in close to 750. Slowing, surely, but never before in the history of this blog has there been a three consecutive month rise in readership (except, perhaps, for the first few months where even 2 hits was more than before).

I realize these numbers are tiny and insignificant to many well known blogs out there but trust me I do check them and I know that these represent more real people that I know reading this blog then ever before. Sure, lots of these hits are still just silly english folk looking for pictures of gunge (I never did figure that out, really.. gack?) or other silly search hits, but that does not discount in any way the other half of the hits from my friends and aquaintances who are interested in what's being said here - enough so to return again, and again, every day or every week.

Thank you.

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