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To be thorough:

The McGill Daily's take on the Playboy party rating is here.

A followup piece by the McGill Tribune is here, with an interview of one of the girls in the shoot.

CTV's McGill Playboy take is here.

For some editorializing, the features editor of the McGill Daily did an editorial here ("Comment: Why shouldn’t I pose for Playboy?")

..and alsohere is a random McGill student's opinion on his blog (from his post, I am happy and impressed to hear that "Girls Gone Wild was considering coming to some Canadian universities, though I think people here generally boycotted it.")

The McGill Daily is a bit easier on the news, giving a bit of both sides, but it's facts aren't straight. CTV were the only one's to actually find out which issue all this is coming out in: May 2006.

CTV also said:
McGill first year student Gen Grey said although the school is known for good times, she would hardly compare it to the partying that some American universities are famous for.

"In the States, they all drink in their dorms because they can't drink until they're 21, and they all go crazy with massive keggers, which is cool, but it's also very dangerous," Grey told CFCF.

Tushare Jinadasa, the event coordinator with the university's Science Students Association, said McGill's party reputation is a "bit of a misconception."

"There's a lot of partying that goes on, but it's responsible partying. As an events coordinator, it's something we place a lot of emphasis on."

In fact, statistics show McGill has a relatively safer party atmosphere than other Canadian schools on the list. A 2002 survey showed 12 McGill students were sent to hospital for alcohol poisoning, compared with 200 for Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia -- another well-known party school.
Apparently to be a party school you need to have lots of kids die from alcohol poisoning, or have drunk students fall out of balconies.

Personally, I give Playboy credit here for not sticking to the "norm", as far as the media define "party". This is typical media grappling for the negative and sensationalist news story when in fact Playboy is tipping it's hat to McGill students for being able to have a good time and.. maybe still being alive the next day in order to go buy their magazine. God forbid.

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