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CNN reports that Yahoo has upped the price on it's online music subscription service. Apparently $5.99 a month just doesn't pay the electric bill:
Subscribing to the service on a monthly basis will cost $11.99, up from $6.99 under the initial pricing plan. That's closer to but still below services from Napster Inc. and RealNetworks Inc., which each charge just under $15 per month.
If you recall, Yahoo's service allowed users to download music from a 1 million song library but they can't keep them. While some say this is one of the features that turn away consumers, I think it has a lot more to do with the fact that Yahoo's service isn't compatible with the iPod, which owns a large majority of the market.

Can Yahoo make any good moves, given they are facing off against the giants of Microsoft and Google?.. or perhaps they are just plagued by poor implementations of good ideas?

Update: J-Mo notes in the comments that he still likes his music free. Hurrah.

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