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I should have caught this yesterday in my iTunes Music Store / Online TV content discussion - Coming soon, Nightly News, free and online (appropriately at
NBC News announced Monday that "NBC Nightly News" will soon become the first and only network newscast to be offered free on the Internet in its entirety.
Other than the announcement, it's basically a fluff piece praising itself (MSNBC) as a pioneer in online video content. Oh yah, and NBC's Nightly News is super great #1 happy hour show, too. Nevertheless, they make sure to tell us consumers this is exactly what we want in their sugary sweet candy tone:
"Today's announcement marks an important and empowering day for consumers," said Deborah Reif, president of NBC Universal Digital Media. "Viewers will now be able to access their favorite evening news program when they want it. NBC News' leadership decision today reinforces NBC Universal's broader commitment to delivering our content to consumers on whatever platform they choose."

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