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Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry and so it's no wonder that people will try to cheat. How badly? Like a bad Far Side comic with a nerdy scientist building a killer zombie in his basement, people are creating poker-playing robots:
'It's amazing to think of how much we gamble on online poker sites - mainly because there is no such thing as a fair game of online poker. It just doesn't exist. The game is completely corrupt; it has zero integrity. Online players are secretly using every means at their disposal to fleece you --and at the forefront of their campaign is the use of poker robots. When all this becomes public knowledge, the amateurs will leave and the game will die.'
Whether online gambling continues as a viable business or not I do know one thing: an important tenant of capitalism is the existence (and exploitation) of suckers. Take this as a sad observation on the human condition or see this as a simple example of natural selection; your choice. Whether people will be playing internet gambling in the future or not, it seems obvious that much of our interactions in this new century will be with "robots" - heck, we already do large amounts of our purchasing from roboots - whether it be with an online stock broker, or I even renewed my license with a "robot" this year.

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