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As with most news items that make big splashes, the Sony rootkit debacle is sort of dying down - especially in mainstream media - but us bloggers are still piping away, pointing out that Sony is still selling their crap CDs:
I just got back from the Sony Style store in the Westchester mall, (White Plains, NY) and I saw that the had many CDs in the shelves that had the XCP rootkits.
I asked the manager about this and they said they were, and I quote, “still allowed to sell them”.
This despite the claims on Sony's website:
“SONY BMG is working with its retail partners to withdraw compact discs with XCP software from distribution and retail chains. It has asked retailers to cease sale of those discs and to return them to SONY BMG. This withdrawal program has been and is being widely communicated.”
I felt it worthwhile to play my part in this little war between consumers and consumees (can I say that?)

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