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If you know me in real life you know I lean towards apathetic when it comes to politics.. for the most part. Here on the blog, however, I tend to forget my corporal self and get a bit razzed, riled, and generally pissed off about the moronic idiocy of the human political dream. There is no dream, folks, it's a natural nightmare that will play itself out over and over and over again. Anybody who thinks we can control ourselves in any ordered or "proper" manner is fooling themselves. This is painfully clear by simply looking at the literature. 1984. A Brave New World. People cringe at these books and they will always cringe and this is why departments of homeland securities and the likes of GRU, CIA, and the KGB will always be distrusted and yes, yes, perhaps they will last for short while.. a few hundred years perhaps.. but they will never, ever, gain complete control. It's as unnatural as walking on water (whatever those christians might try and tell you).

So, with that in mind I mention that yesterday was apparently Blog For Choice Day, which I found out via this little story and without being overly dramatic about it I'll blog the fact that I believe in choice, I believe in the right to make these sorts of decisions without the government sticking their hand in the way.. I believe in the need for government policies that handle broad international and national issues. I do not believe in a national government that wastes it's time with such uselessly small issues as abortion - if you can let states govern their right to capital punishment then you can let them govern their right to abortion.

That being said, today is Canadian election day. They be electing a new gov'nah. Here they call him a Prime Minister but that's really not important. What's important is that the dear Canadians are shuffling along like good little soldiers in formation, following their general Uncle Sam, and they will elect a Conservative fool just as we south of their border have.

Really, why be different when you can be exactly the same? Super-duper A-plus wonderful, my friends.

Liam: you voting here?

BritCoal: fuck no

Liam: pfft, why not

BritCoal: voting is for dumb pussies who like conservative politics
BritCoal: nerrr

Liam: ummm

BritCoal: voting is so reagan-era bullshit
BritCoal: voting is old school propaganda

Liam: you firebombing the polling station then?

BritCoal: voting is mind-fuckville
BritCoal: hellz no - wez got a RIGHT to vote
BritCoal: power to the people, yo

Liam: I give this conversation an N for baffling.

BritCoal: I give it a big fat Z for Zoooowwwwie, conservatism rocks rocks rocks the boat till it flips over and I go...
BritCoal: gurgle-gurgle-gurgle as I drown
BritCoal: SLOWLY

BritCoal: are YOU voting, you commie-conservative-scum?

Liam: done and done

BritCoal: and who the HELL votes on Monday, anyway, you retardos
BritCoal: TUESDAY. Tuesday is the day you vote!

Liam: you could have voted in advance on tuesday

BritCoal: Dumbass eski-mopes

Liam: huckety huck

BritCoal: You guys have spent one too many days in the freezer, pops.
BritCoal: I think you've -sicled your little brain-lumps sitting in the igloo sucking on blubber for too long

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