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I'm home in Maine for the weekend and I'm being amazed left and right. Amazed because the cable internet here is blazingly fast compared to my big-city livin' offerings, amazed because people just constantly surprise me and amazed because it's so goddamned warm outside. Okay, it may not be what most people call warm but it's certainly winter-as-usual here. Decemeber saw ice shacks on the river - almost a month earlier than normal - but they have all now been pulled, the river flows freely, and any ice you might see has been relegated to trees, eaves, and sidewalks. Even then it's a mush of sand and slush. More like a winter smoothie than anything else. There ain't be no ice fishin' here, dude. No sir no how. See the secret of fishing is to stay hidden from your prey. In the lighter seasons of spring and summer you keep yourself hidden in a boat or on the shore and only dangle attractive looking worms and flies and other goodies into the water. With ice fishing, on the other hand, you have yourself a big blind - like deer hunting - only the entire ice surface of the lake is your blind. Ain't no fish see through 6 plus inches of that. Ice fishing just doesn't work without the ice. The fish could see you coming.. Plus, you'd fall into the lake too.

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