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do you know?

No. I most certainly do not. This is one thing I can say for sure.

then, why?

Because. Knowledge is power and power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and I'm absolutely corroded which is almost the same thing, sort of, so it's like knowing nothing.


Exactly. These are the sorts of hard hitting questions I've been avoiding so I'm glad you bring them up now. It's probably healthy to confront them and just deal with it.


So nothing. It's just the way it is. Some things you can't control in life, like when the sun rises, and other things you can like when you eat. Sometimes this means accepting that you don't always know. Sometimes it means accepting that you know too much.

and what, exactly, do you know?

I know that I'm smarter than that. I know that it nevetheless does not make any difference, I'm going to do it anyway. I'm going to misrepresent my perspective to my own self, lie to my own face with a straight smile.

and the problem with that is..?

The problem is that perspective is everything - just ask a prism. The only place that we can truly live and survive is inside one's own head. We'll die out there, in the air in the ether in the empty space of it all. Only inside, boxed in by the cozy walls of conciousness, can we truly breath.

what's out there that's so important?

Everything. Everything out there is important and it's what pulls us out of our own self-indulgence. It's why we don't spend our lives with our eyelids closed, looking inward, chasing our own tail.

so what does perspective have to do with it?

Perspective is like a colour filter on a camera lens. Perspective is what gives life that red, green, or orange hue. It's what makes a run of the mill whodunit into a film noir. It makes things dramatic, or undramatic; comedic or sad.

so what?

So what? So what? So it becomes a choice about whether you want to live a lie or not, that's what. At some point you have the chance to ask yourself whether you want to experience the world or just your version of it. That's a scary decision to make. It's not easy to accept the duality of the beast, we tend to be single-minded. Choose one perspective and you're stuck with it until you can force the train to jump the tracks (which is not easy with a 386 ton locomotive on the head of it). Remain open-minded about it and you're stuck with a cold breeze, confusion, and constant in-fighting between perspectives (your ego may take care of your id but that doesn't mean your id has to like it).

so which do you choose? single-minded or open-minded?

Well that's just the crux of the matter, now isn't it. Both have their downfalls to be sure but there is really only one choice. Ignore the duality of nature and you go spinning out of control like a satellite with a busted gyro, flailing through the darkness of space with it's solar-panels akimbo and little LEDs blinking, panic stricken. Accept the duality of nature and you accept a cold breeze. Now, nobody likes a chilling breeze but it's a lot better than spinning wildly in the dark. It's just the human condition to shiver.

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