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I'm posting this only because I recently had one of the most coincidental experiences of my life. I'm no crackpot, I assure you. Nevertheless, I think I might be wearing tinfoil on my head for awhile.

Study Proves that the Heart Responds to Future Events:
.. researchers found that we can actually be aware of an event five to seven seconds before it happens. In the recent study, subjects were shown a series of images. Most of the images were peaceful and calming, such as landscapes, trees and cute animals. Other photos, randomly dispersed in the succession, included violent, disturbing and emotionally stimulating images such as car crash, a bloody knife or a snake about to strike..

.. The main findings show that the heart receives and responds to intuitive information. Significant changes in heart rate variability occurred prior to disturbing and emotionally stimulating images appearing on the screen..
These are very similar findings to the Global Consciousness Project that I've mentioned before: random number generators placed throughout the world that actually record patterns during significant events (Tsunami, Terrorist attacks, etc). If you want to know a bit more on that, check out a Time Magazine article from May 2005 here (warning: PDF).

Regardless, it does have that funny hint of quack-science to it, if you ask me.

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