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Kentucky Derby caves - Allows first sponsorship in 132 years. The five year deal was made with Yum Brands - a little-known resturant company that owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC:
"You'll see very discreet signage. It won't look like a baseball stadium," Churchill Downs Inc. president Tom Meeker said at a news conference in Louisville.
Well, that's good to hear I guess but we all know it's just one big slippery chicken-greased slope, this advertising business. Once you pop, you can't stop. Nobody can have just one. It's everywhere you want to be. Because your worth it. Just do it. Be all you can be. Raise your hand if you're sure. Just ask the Nextel halftime show - it's sure.

Speaking of football, this is the real reason I bothered to mention this story: Yum wouldn't admit to the cost of the five year deal but it was less than the cost of a 30 second superbowl commercial according to APM's Marketplace (link to real audio, blech). Yipes. Then again, the last time the gates opened up at Churchill Downs they probably didn't have 90.7 million viewers like last Sunday's Hawks vs. Steelers game.

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