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On my love for social networking sites, as eloquently expressed by one Sally McCreeperson (that's an alias, btw):

[Social Networking Site X] was great at first while I endlessly stroked my ego, I mean tweaked my profile. What are my favourite books? Gosh, look how offbeat yet appreciative of universal classics I am! Movies? See how I transcend traditional highbrow/lowbrow boundaries! How postmodern! Hmmm, what music can I cite that makes it clear I have faultless taste? I'm soooo together!!! Oh, yes, oh, harder, faster, OH!!!! I'm so unique! Take that, round hole! I'm no round peg. I'm not even a square peg! I'm a fucking exploding infinite-faceted titanium peg from another
dimension and I refuse to even play this game!! Who wouldn't love me?????

Anyway, that phase lasted about a month. Collecting friends was also pretty good as ego-lube. I never got very far with this, actually, but I can see the appeal. I just look at all the people I'm connected to, no matter how tenuously ("hey, I've talked to you twice, join my network!"), and I instantly feel better about myself. It's like justification for the ego-fucking: See? I AM cool after all, because just look at the people that think so! Except not one of those people are on my list because they saw my profile and were overwhelmed by a need to get to know me. Not one of them is someone I've never met. On the contrary, not only is everyone on my list a prior friend, but I INVITED these people onto my list. In fact, maybe I'm less appealing than I thought... especially if I'm the only one NOT getting unsolicited friend requests.

With no new people banging down the door to my inbox pleading to be associated with me, and me having no real desire to search out new people on

[Social Networking Site X] for anything more meaningful than to instantly judge them by their photos, well, is it any wonder I have pretty much ignored the site for the past two years? What does it have to give me? I can communicate with almost anyone of my first-degree friends without going through [Social Networking Site X], and I have enough trouble keeping up with them that the chances of me getting in touch with people in further degrees are pretty slim.

These days my only interaction with
[Social Networking Site X] is deleting the increasingly frequent emails it sends me telling me what new irrelevant features it can offer me.

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