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what's the problem? serves the end user right for buying that sack of shit movie. 
Twilight Zone Friday: Those homeland security fuckers, after harassing an Idaho man for having anti-war bumper stickers on his truck (seriously..sketchy) they are now .. looking out for our best-interests by suggesting the outlaw of rootkits:
"The recent Sony experience shows us that we need to be thinking about how we ensure that consumers are not surprised by what their software programs do," Jonathan Frenkel, director of law enforcement policy at the U.S Department of Homeland Security said in a speech .. at the RSA Conference 2006.
This after recent findings that the German release of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith DVD has "rootkit-like cloaking technology" as well - this one from our friendly movie folks at Fox.

Luckily I'm in Canada so I probably won't get the strip-search for calling them fuckers till I hit the border next Friday. Plus side of U.S. cavity searches: I'll be traveling with an Egyptian who will most certainly look more appealing to the latex-glove than little 'ol white-bread me.


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