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went to maine, fishing.

well, we didn't fish. no ice. just got completely stupid with about 20 guys, the equivalent of watching a barrel-full of monkeys fight with eachother to be the one that gets to be at the bottom. Talk about evolution..

left friday morning, got to maine around 6pm, proceeded directly to the beer store. drunk by 8, down to the bar, many many pitchers and lots of hideous local women. the next day, hard liquor shots having been administered on wakeup, hangovers having been fought with diner-food and an olympic hockey game on the boob-tube, drinking began in earnest by 2pm. forward approximately 12 hours..

we found dead mice in the unused hot-tub in the basement, and there are pictures of one monkey raising a piece of pizza to his mouth with dead mice on top, covered in bbq dipping sauce. another primate who loves his party-music blasted wolf parade and... wait for it... danced with a lazy-boy ottoman in his arms for approximately 20minutes straight, by himself, with nobody else in the room.

sadly, these are the only two anecdotes from the weekend that I feel comfortable repeating. you'll have to imagine the rest.

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