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Here's a weird one: There is a New Jersey bill being considered that would illegalize anonymous posting on the internet (basically). Specifically, it would require posters to either a) post their legal name and address along with their message or b) report their legal name and address to the forum and/or ISP. I don't have to tell you how silly this is. I don't have to tell you that you are free and very welcome to send all the anonymous mail you want through the U.S. Postal service. I don't have to tell you that newspapers (you know, "public forums" of sorts) will print anonymous letters to the editors. Not to mention the fact that there really isn't any way you could police this.

More silliness? XM satellite radio is being pressured by Clear Channel to re-introduce advertising on CC channels. I'd like to say something like told-yah-so or gee-wiz, whaddyah yah know but it's moot. Advertising will always find it's way. It's the embodiment of the viral aspects of our higher-order brain functioning. Calm down, ma, it's only natural.

This last one; not so silly. An oil pipeline in Alaska might have spilled a shit-ton of oil. State, federal and oil company officials say it ain't that bad.
The amount spilled is far greater than BP and government officials are saying, according to oil industry critic Chuck Hamel. Hamel, of Alexandria, Va., said he learned from onsite personnel that the spill volume is closer to 798,000 gallons, which would make it the second largest oil spill in Alaska, second only to the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill of 11 million gallons in Prince William Sound.

Hamel said meters record the volume flowing into the pipe as well as the amount leaving it.

"There's a 798,000 gallon discrepancy," he said in a phone interview. He declined to provide documentation of the discrepancy, however.

Hamel also said operators knew there was a leak at least 36 hours before the spill was found, because the smell of crude vapors was noted.
I'm guessing.. well.. I'm guessing there is certainly some discrepancies involved here but it probably has more to do with PR than oil. Cause really, what's a few hundred million gallons of oil here or there?

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