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Okay, just cause it's pertinent to the current sentiment on this site, I give you a recent metafilter post:
Prof. Daniel Dennett's (New York University, Philosophy) new book Breaking the Spell solicited this response from NYT book reviewer Leon Wieseltier: "The question of the place of science in human life is not a scientific question. It is a philosophical question." Then he goes on to show he knows nothing of philosophy, according to the post.

Prof. Brian Leiter (University of Texas, Philosophy) has this to say on the matter: "'The view that science can explain all human conditions and expressions, mental as well as physical' is not a 'superstition' but a reasonable methodological posture to adopt based on the actual evidence, that is, based on the actual expanding success of the sciences . . . during the last hundred years."
Follow the link for all those links I should have added but was far too lazy to (I mean, look, I basically copied the post anyway).

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