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As an example of the ever-increasing online nature of our economy, consider Get Friday, an Indian firm specializing in we-do-your-dirty-work services. It is basically a web-interface to the sort of concierge/personal-assistant services that certain high-end credit card companies like AmEx offer. For those who need someone to set up a date with their plumber (cause, truly, this is a tough task, right?) you can now get someone on the other side of the world to do it for you.

By now you're asking yourself what's my point. Well, they have a page on their site listing some common and not-so-common services that they have performed successfully in the past. Some of them were unusual and even a bit disheartening:
  • Reading bedtime stories to a young kid on phone
  • Research on how to tie a shoe lace meant for a kid (client’s son).
Who outsources their child's bedtime reading? I mean, a nanny is one thing. A phone call is something else entirely.

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