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This article suggests that state governors might be, as a group, less money grubbing faux-politicians than our U.S. senators:
Maine Gov. John Baldacci (D) took an $80,000 pay cut in 2003 when he traded a U.S. House seat for the governor’s mansion. Now, he’s the lowest-paid head of state in the nation at $70,000 annually.

In fact, Baldacci’s pay is less than that of 426 state employees, including his own assistant, who earned nearly $102,000 in 2005, according to the Maine Heritage Policy Center, a research group dedicated to less government spending. Baldacci opposed a proposed pay raise for himself last year and instead supported a teacher pay hike.
I'm not much of a Baldacci fan but I don't mind this one bit.

For comparison, the average governor salary is $124k and senators make $165k.

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