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From engadget:
Our neighbours to the north in Canada will soon boast their own WiMax-based WiFi rollout, as Montreal is already set to become the "first Canadian city to deliver wireless Internet and mobile IP telephony to residents."

.. It will first be made available to the oh-so-lucky residents of Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood
(I knew it was the hippest place to live in Montreal the World). By 2009 the network will blanket nearly 300 square kilometers of Montreal and service "around 90-percent" of its citizens.
No such thing as a free lunch, though. Those targeted for the first wave can expect the luxury to cost them "under $30 per month" when it launches in September. As my buddy says,
SWEET! Fuck Bell, those stupid fucking bastards! $60/month? I don't fucking think so! Once this is up and running, those Bell assholes will never see another penny of mine!

P.S. I don't like Bell

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