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Delayed till another day. I am getting used to this. When I arrived at the boat this afternoon the current owner told me right off that she had some bad news. For the briefest of seconds I thought through all that might be wrong but my gut knew immediately that it was the boat haulers that were the problem. Indeed, they got stuck in traffic below Boston returning from a trip down to Connecticut and there was no way that they could get to Gardiner in time.

Willard Beach Mooring Field

Since there was a lot of information to cover I stuck around anyway and familiarized myself with a lot of the boat bits. We pulled the intake water-cooling hose and jerry-rigged a bucket with water in the engine compartment so we could go ever diesel procedures. Overall it is a fairly simple engine and I'm impressed with the access. I had gotten the impression earlier that many folks would consider it a somewhat tight space to be in while working on an engine but I found it to be roomy and all of the screws, fasteners, primer pumps, belts, and whathaveyous are easily accessible.

While we were running the garden hose for the engine our bucket overflowed and we built up about four inches of water in the bilge. Suprisingly, the underside of the hull was seeping and, in some spots, dripping, but nowhere was there actual running water of any kind. This really raises my spirits about the launching, something I have been nervous about because the boat has been dry for over two years.

So the new time frame for launching is tomorrow at 1pm. We'll see if this third time is a charm, eh? I hate repeating myself but.. same bat time, same bat channel.

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