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Getting sick of my craptastic amateur photography yet? Too bad. It keeps going.

First, though, an amazing feat:

While sitting around waiting for someone else to cook dinner, we hatched a plan. Who could carry the most beerz (not in their earz) without any assistance and no extra containers? While it was mostly an academic exercise in the end and nobody but I loaded up, it was still a feat. Twenty-six bottles of beers transported by a single 5'8" man-child. Impressive. I had a bit of a waddle but I could certainly move. I'd put my top speed at around 1/2mile per hour, not including time needed to stop and pull my pants up. Shoulda worn a belt.

This was what I thought was a cormorant. I didn't get in close to see but he was skimming along the water by the cottage. I caught this picture and then, obviously, mangled it to death with photoshop. Hey, we all have our hobbies.

These plants, which were all around the cottage, were a lot of fun to take pictures of in the waning light of dusk. It's all about light and dark, shadows and luminance.. really. Nothing gay to see here.. move along.

This is a bumblebee. Who doesn't like bumblebees? They should be shot.

The yacht club had fireworks for no apparent reason other than it was summer, the weekend, and dark out. This has happened before if I recall correctly. I'm not complaining.

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