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I stumbled upon an old post from years ago - April 2004 actually - and even then I was talking about boats and dreaming of deep pockets and long hulls:
But let us be honest here. The little [30 foot] Catalina that could ain't going to cut it. I need a real boat. 40 feet maybe, sleeps 5, with a diesel engine and teak deck. Mahogany hull most likely. Rich dark blue paint. Expensive. High Maintenance.. because in the end, all true beauties in this world are high maintenance.
While my pockets didn't get much deeper the maintenance is high and I got awful close to 40 feet. No teak decks but the hull is mahogany, the engine is a diesel, and it sleeps 5.

It is immensely interesting to sort through old thoughts that haven't occurred to you in a long time - like old friends who call up out of the blue - and it is sometimes surprising to see both what you were thinking in the past and what you were not thinking.

I've never been a "diary" guy. The only reason I even write this blog is because there is the suggestion that someone is reading.. but in times like this, I realize that there may be more worth to diaries than I thought. They can be like an annual job review, except you're your own boss. I don't have to explain why that can be useful (but I will; I've caught self lying to oneself and was able to sit self down and have self talk some sense into self).

But the positive light of all of this is that I've found my old self expressing the same dreams and desires as my current self, and that means that I might not have made the worst financial decision of my life in buying an old wooden boat.. It appears I may have a true and long-living interest in the beast.

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