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I went out to the boat tonight - it is now at its temporary mooring.

The boat seems good. Since the boat had been moved from the dock to the mooring when I wasn't around, I guess someone had used the engine because it was in gear - I didn't notice and fired the engine up.. and I looked around and watched us slowly start turning sideways. There was some boat traffic and waves so for a split second we thought that was it but it made little sense. Then it struck me and I yanked up the engine comparment hatch and looked to see if the shaft was turning - indeed! No biggy, but a lesson learned.

I had to use my knoggin' to figure out how to get into the diesel tank (to fill it) as the cap was rusted shut. Lucky I thought to use one of the wrenches I brought (torque arm, GO!). Since it was dark I was able to test all the running lights as well as the interior lights and depth finder (the gps, vhf, and radar I know already works).

Finally, leaks.. when I first got on the boat the pumps were on and off.. but there were waves from harbor traffic. I propped my roommate Ingrid at the hatch doorway with toothpicks in her eyelids and had her watch the bilge pump lights. They come on when the pump comes on. She watched for 27~30 minutes and they never came on once (by this time no more waves) so I think the old beast is doing quite well and not taking on much if any water now.

Tomorrow: Mast raising.

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