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If you've never seen a boat go in the water before, it is actually a fairly simple task. First, the truck shows up hauling the actual boat. Then you drive the travelift over the boat and throw some giant straps under the boat. Then you lift. And travel. Thus: Travelift.

When we first lowered her in she had a few dribblers and gushers here and there but was, overall, fairly solid. Since it was lunchtime for the yard boys we pulled her back out and I spent 40 minutes slick-seaming the cracks where it looked the worse, to try and stem some of the influx of H2O.

When she went in the second time it was apparent that the slickseam did some of the trick and she was taking on a lot less water. We pulled her over to a dock and tied her up, threw in an auxiliary bilge pump running off of shore power, and I ran the engine for 25 minutes or so for the batteries.

I'm probably overly worried about the batteries running low but I suppose this is a better safe than sorry situation. The farther we remain away from a truly wet experience, the more I will likely sleep at night. I think. I hope.

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