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Yes, perhaps tomorrow!! :-) 
It is unto the Gods of patience and the sea that I now find myself tongue-tied and thumb-twiddled to death, but still very much upon dry land. In some part I feel as though this entire summer's worth of boat research has itself been quite a journey - like a hard and rough windward reach, yet I've yet to put boat to water and this is what is holding me back.

Tuesday morning saw wet drizzle and grey skies and, while it didn't seem perfect, I was willing to bet the sun would make an appearance by mid-afternoon, right about the time we were supposed to splash the boat. However, I got a call early in the morning reporting that the boat haulers were having brake troubles. I didn't expect anything good from this but they said they might be able to get things figured out in an hour or two. By 11am it was a no go and we scrapped for Thursday, same bat time, same bat channel.

Wednesday I mentally stowed all that impatience and anxiety in some air-tight locker in my mind and it was - for a couple hours - as if there was no boat at all and I had no home and no responsibility and and and. Unfortunately reality is stronger than a winter gale and it came crashing back in time to keep me up all night tossing and turning, mulling, and trying to mind my own business; but the ideas, thoughts, plans, and fears were crashing against me like a surge against a breakwater.

Now, the weather looks phenomenal and I'll use that to my advantage this evening, keeping busy with the grill and some friends. Through this, and paying my dues to the patience Gods, perhaps tomorrow we can splash and, with any luck..

Not sink.

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