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I've been getting a lot of gripes lately about the lack of content and the proliferation of links on this blog. Apparently, economic debates of the higher order and giant squid aren't what my friends come here for. To be frank, I'm not sure they come for the photography, either - that is mostly for me and probably why you won't find my best pictures here, just the ones that tickle my own fancy in one way or another. If you couldn't tell, I like to play with colours.

So if they don't come for the photos or the links then what is it, exactly, that they are coming for? I really can't say. I've struggled, in my own way, over what to put here, how much to put here, and when. The reality is that the less I put down and the more obsequious I am, the less I think everybody gets out of it. But then again, in this world of everything-online, a little subtlety and vagary are sometimes just right.

At the end of the day, I post some of what I want some of the time and try not to post too much of anything I don't want. I don't count on comments because, while they may be the best part, they are far and few between and - truth be told - the fewest accompany those posts that I (and often others) think are my best. Perhaps there is something in human nature that makes us far more likely to comment on the kitsch? Easy to say "Oh my god!" at something intense and powerful, yet fleeting and gone from our view in a blink of an eye, but far more difficult to address emotions of sadness, melancholy, introspection, or dispair? I don't know.

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