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Wow, she's a beauty. Congratulaions, and good luck. Any names yet? Let me know if you need any bagels. 
Reading Jaime today, I noticed that his bagel photo was actually a perfect illustration of how wooden wedges are used to secure the masts on my boat. Except it is a bagel, not a wooden wedge, that is crammed into the hole. Sort of.

I'm loathe to speak out of turn, especially ahead of turn, but the E.stimated T.ime of L.aunch (ETL) of 11:30am, Friday, July 27th is fast approaching. For a brief moment of panic this morning, on the phone with the boatyard, it sounded as though I might be relegated to a mooring for the weekend, left in an empty boatyard with nothing but my own batteries and bilge pumps to stem the inflow from the leaking. They called back half an hour later, however, and told me they had found some transient dock space to use. I feel much better now, but as I said, best to talk about this after the fact, so I'll shut up now.

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