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Apparently you do?? I wonder what the Ven diagram of MySpace users and Economist readers would look like. . . Probably not as mutually exclusive as the Pants/happiness diagram you posted before, though. 
Sadly, I admit to stopping by myspace every few days to check if any virtual sexbeast babe has decided to try and be my friend. Hitting the "Deny" button never felt so good. It has the added bonus of being an active aggression against our culture (sex sells, glitz, glamour) instead of just passively hating it.

Anyhow, I've derailed. To get back on track, after I sent someone a message today, I was presented with an ad for Economist magazine:

"Try six free trial issues"

Now, I gotta wonder: who fits into the small intersection of myspace users and intelligent global politics/financial connoisseurs?? Is that money well spent?

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