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The weekend has come and with it, thoughts of life, choice, opportunity, and its costs.

In life, the things that make me happy or fill my time - like photography, jogging, drinking beer - aren't particularly unique or different. Not that I ever set out to be unique or different but sometimes feeling like everybody else is, well, disheartening. If you aren't able to specialize or there isn't anything unique about you then why do you exist? Certainly, everyone is an individual to a degree. After that you are a human with flesh, bones, body, and brains (sometimes).. nothing special at all.

If I think, then I am. If I do, then I have done something nobody else has. Thinking isn't particularly unique, it's what you do with it that counts. Or maybe this is what I am trying to tell myself. At the end of the day it is those things that you did that make the largest differences, not what you thought about doing.

So I can choose to jog and I can choose to drink beer, but I can also choose to go out and do things that are different, or at the very very least, things I actually want to do. Living in the free world - and the first world, to boot - I almost feel as though it is imperative that I follow to the fullest those opportunities of interest that have been made available to me - in fact, I may call it a duty.

Anything less is an insult to those who suffer the lack of these possibilities.

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