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I'm in ur blogzz stealing your cute! 

You look like such a rock star. 

It was raining, I had on a thin white dress shirt, and it was muggy as hell...

So if rock stars look like grimey sweaty scuzzballs, then I guess I look like one! 

nothin says rockin like grimey sweaty scuzzballs 

It's all about the glimmer in the eyes, man. The look that says, "I don't give an EFF if you like me or don't. Just don't get in my way." 
I've been busy as all hell - or at least my wind is wound up tight with all the to-dos, projects, dirty laundry, and chores I need to do.

It wears me out but if not this then what? Sit still in one place, don't move, keep your eyes closed and your head in the sand? I suppose that would be easier and cheaper but I keep pushing myself to do things because, well, if I don't I know I'll be complaining when I'm old and feeble and not able to do anything but stay in one place with my head in the sand.

It is out there, in the world, that you see interesting things and hear crazy sounds and form perspectives and opinions on things. Knowledge is power, sure, but a book can only teach you so much and, eventually, you just gotta go out and try it - even if that is tougher or riskier or more tedious.

picture stolen, but edited and cropped by me

Shit, man.. Getting older every minute.

And I'm going right out to do it.

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