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Setting politics, money, and fear aside, DRM just won't work. Want to know what it inherently wrong with DRM? Cory Doctorow has a pretty good article at the Guardian that sums things up for the layman.. and I'll sum the summation up for you here:
Say I sell you an encrypted DVD: the encryption on the DVD is supposed to stop you (the DVD's owner) from copying it. In order to do that, it tries to stop you from decrypting the DVD.

Except it has to let you decrypt the DVD some of the time. If you can't decrypt the DVD, you can't watch it. If you can't watch it, you won't buy it. So your DVD player is entrusted with the keys necessary to decrypt the DVD, and the film's creator must trust that your DVD player is so well-designed that no one will ever be able to work out the key.
This is an obvious "design flaw" that renders DRM basically hopeless. To me this is clear but I realize that if you have no idea how cryptography works (and I only know the very basics) then these things might not be so intuitive. Read the whole article, its short and to the point.

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