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Excuse me Mr. Military Leader, could you demonstrate the "loving hug"?
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Having a bad day? Just bored? Want to waste a little bit of time scratching your head?

I present to you four pieces of evidence that our world is, indeed, stranger than fiction:
  • The Williamsburg "Avenger": posts flyers with the face of one-night-stand hipster who gave her herpes. Or who she thinks gave her herpes. Or, well, whatever.
  • Video of a cheetah pooping into a sunroof that is, surprisingly, exactly what it sounds like. Furthermore, it is irrefutable proof that exotic African wildlife experience just as much consternation as we do when they're pinching a loaf. Seriously, check out that cat's expression!
  • No loving hug left behind:
    TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Defense Minister Lee Tien-yu decided to scrap the military's "loving hug" policy yesterday after rebuffing a lawmaker's request to give him a hug at the legislature..

    .. Under the policy, squad leaders are required to hug each new recruit under his command and utter the words "Brother, I will take care of you," to which the recruit must respond by saying, "Leader, I respect and love you."

    Lee defended the practice as effective in helping recruits overcome their feelings of fear and unease with their new boot camp environment..

    To make his point,the lawmaker asked that the minister demonstrate the "loving hug" by embracing a general who accompanied him to the interpellation session. The minister refused.

    Keeping the pressure on him, Legislator Lee Ching-hua offered to give the minister a hug, to which the minister responded by saying that "we are not that close." He then agreed to scrap the policy altogether.
  • And last but not least, the Red Sox are in the World Series for the second time in just three years, and look like they might just win this one - shy of their usual schedule by 83 years.

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