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44-yard TD pass involves 15 laterals
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I know I should be writing about the Red Sox on the day after their 2007 world series win but, my god, did anybody see the Trinity Tigers school the Millsaps Majors with a play consisting of fifteen lateral tosses in Mississippi?
The play that covered 60 yards was recorded in official statistics as a 44-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Blake Barmore to wide receiver Riley Curry.

But the Tigers, battling the defending conference champions in Jackson, Miss., will always remember it as more than that.

"It was the most remarkable play I've ever seen in college football," Trinity coach Steve Mohr said in a telephone interview.
A Youtube video of the play can be found at the bottom of that article, or you can go get it at The Wizard of Odds blog and receive a bonus video of Standford's "The Play" from 1982.

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