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You could sail-tape... or you could get yourself a proper sail to last you another 20 years! 

I plan to stitch it up myself this winter, as I'ma gonna get another 20 years out of it.. or I'm going to sail until she blows out, and then worry about getting a new one.. 
Sadly, after getting it repaired at a sail loft, the 20 year old genny went and tore itself again. On the second sail of the season, even. This was ultimately my fault, I guess, considering that we hit the bay with 20 knot winds gusting to almost 30. The sail isn't in the greatest shape after so many years of abuse and it didn't help that the inexperienced crew wasn't quick to control it.

Oh well. Live and learn. I've been managing it for the last few months with the tear and it hasn't gotten worse (yet). If I was really smart I'd sail-tape.. but then I'm as lazy as sin.

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